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Started in the seventies as a dancing phenomenon at club ‘Popcorn’ in Vrasene.  The genre was adapted all over Belgium especially in Oostende at clubs ‘The Versailles’ and ‘The Groove’.  We at Lafayette bring back that vibe of this music area with our ‘Popcorn Oldies Nights’. Popcorn is a collection of musical genres which have a certain rhythm in common.  There’s some Blues, some Soul, some Jazzy songs, some Modern Rhythms, some Latin music.  A key aspect is the rhythms being suited to dance a slow swing to it.

About us

If Marvin Gaye were still alive, Lafayette would be his favourite bar in Ostend. Lafayette is a maverick in the nightlife of Ostend. The music bar brings soul and funky music to life under the approving eye of Marvin Gaye, whose picture adorns the wall.

Our Team

These are the smiling faces behind Lafayette,we are family.

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